The Screen and Online Safety program was fanatastic! All of us that attended the class got so much useful information.  One of the things that I loved most is how approachable Christy was.  I was translating the class [to Spanish] and even though there were some hard topics, the parents felt so open and free to speak about their experiences and ask questions.  We can't wait to have Christy back to do another class here!

~ Lindsey Karas

Mercy Housing Northwest, Bellingham

Christy came in and spoke with our entire school faculty as part of our staff orientation week. She did an amazing job. Shared lots of valuable information in a clear, easy to listen to manner. We plan on having her return to speak to our parents as well. I highly recommend her training sessions!

~ Char DeKoekkoek

Shoreline Christian School

Christy Keating of Savvy Parents Safe Kids provides invaluable information to parents. She is an expert in the field of keeping children safe in an ever changing world. Her vast experience as both an attorney working to prosecute predators who victimize children, as well as a parent coach, provide her unparalleled expertise. She is a gifted public speaker, able to talk easily about difficult subjects. Her information and recommendations put parents’ minds at ease. Parents love her! Not only do I have her come speak in my classes, but I also quote her regularly in my teaching. She is a wonderful resource for families, schools, and communities.

~ Christine Muenz

Parenting Educator


Kirkland, WA

Christy gave a dynamic safety workshop to our crowd of elementary school parents. Every parent should hear her safety workshop. She is an articulate speaker who will give you the facts, without the fear. It is time to empower our children to trust their instincts and give them understandable boundaries.  Her safety workshop gives parents a place to start- with the many little discussions that come up as parents raise their children toward independence.

I would recommend Christy's basic safety workshop to any school, parenting group, or group that works with children.  Her presentation is a great way to gather your community together and advocate for all of our children’s safety.

~Melissa Campana, MSW, LICSW

I can't EVER say enough good things about the work Christy does! She teaches parents how to keep kids safe - really and truly safe from sexual abuse, predators and other scary stuff. Practical, smart and easy to teach, you will feel 100% better about your child's safety after spending time with her!

~ Amy Lang


As a parent and a professional in early childhood education, I highly recommend [Savvy's] training. She is knowledgeable and friendly. She gives practical strategies that are easy to use and really help keep children safe. Her tips are developmentally appropriate. I left the training feeling empowered and have used the strategies she teaches many times.

~ Sarah Matthews


Savvy Parents Safe Kids

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Redmond, WA 98073

Phone: 206-380-3100

Email: Christy@SavvyParentsSafeKids.com

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