Protecting Your Kids From The Perils Of Social Media

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Guest Post by Jackie Edwards.

Social media – whether it’s a boon or a bane is a debatable issue. But the real issue of concern here is that the users of social media are getting younger and younger every day. And these young users are ignorant of the dangers that may be lurking somewhere in their uninhibited use of social media. So, how do we warn and protect our young ones of the potential dangers that they might encounter when using social media? There is no simple solution to that. Children always find the loopholes in the strict instructions and discipline enforced on them.

Surprisingly, the solutions are sometimes provided by the problems themselves. Realizing the fact that more and more children under the age of thirteen are being exposed to unfiltered, adult content on social media sites, several companies have tried to create social media networks that are safe for kids and are sites where kids can exchange information without any danger to their personal safety.  

Designed Just For the Kids

The inquisitive, rebellious generation of kids in the present world cannot be restrained from sharing pictures, funny videos and from playing online games. Unfortunately, with these activities comes the danger of identity theft, cyber bullying and several other safety issues.

So, let’s look at the advantages of the social media networks that are created specifically for the present generation of kids:

A Balanced Approach

Social networks for kids have been designed with the specific needs of children in mind. They are a mixture of entertainment, creative expression, education and engagement with children of similar age group without the danger of exposure.

Similar Features

Social networks for kids are equipped with all the features of the regular social networking sites that children love, such as chatting, sharing photos, creating profiles, posting comments and so on. However, unlike the regular social networking sites, the kid friendly social networking sites are monitored and include the presence of parental control to ensure the safety of their children.

Teaching Tool

Social networking sites can be a powerful teaching tool for kids. Children can learn the etiquettes and the rules that they need to follow when they are using social networking sites. They can learn about safe sharing of information and the responsibility of creating online profiles. This prepares them for the future when they move on to the real social networking sites that are open to everyone.  

Social Networks For Kids

A few of the social networks that are appropriate for kids are Togetherville, Imbee, Scuttlepad, everloop, kidswirl and What’s What. All these sites have exciting features and benefits for the kids as well as the parents. Children can create profiles on these networks, make friends, play games and win prizes for the games. On a number of these sites, kids can write blogs and can even look up advice on style and career.

Your kids will love these networks as much as Facebook, and as parents, you can rest easy knowing that your children are protected.

Savvy Parents Safe Kids would like to thank Jackie Edwards for writing this article for us. Please remember: Parents should always research any sites or apps for their kids even if the website or app says steps are in place to protect kids. We know that no place, on or offline, can guarantee to be 100% in alignment with YOUR family safety values.

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