Our mission is to teach and promote child safety best practices and prevention programs that empower parents, professionals and community leaders to help protect our children from harm's way.


Our clients are parents, parent groups, schools, and professional organizations who:

  • want to be prepared and informed about how to protect children from sexual abuse, online predators, social media pitfalls, cyberbullying, etc.

  • want to learn easy to apply tools and tips for making safety lessons fun, engaging, and empowering (not scary). 

  • want to implement new strategies and everyday practices to improve safety. 


As a licensed attorney, Christy spent nearly twenty years as a criminal prosecutor in one of the nation’s largest prosecutor’s offices handling misdemeanor thefts to homicides and everything in between.  In the latter part of her career, Christy specialized in the prosecution of sexually violent predators—the roughly 1% of all sex offenders considered to be so dangerous as to warrant their indefinite confinement. In that capacity, Christy had the opportunity to read about and speak with these offenders, giving her a unique perspective into what makes them tick and the tactics they frequently use use to target victims. 

Armed with this information, Christy was thrilled when the opportunity arose to assume ownership of Savvy Parents Safe Kids and looks forward to growing the business so that more parents and caregivers can be armed with the information necessary to help keep our children safe.  In addition to the current curricula offered by Savvy, Christy is in the process of developing content to help parents talk to their children about consent—what it looks like, how to ask for it, and how to give it; stay tuned in 2019!

In addition to her work as a former prosecutor, Christy is a Certified Parent Coach® through the Parent Coach Institute and Seattle Pacific University and has spent more than a decade working with parents.  Christy is also a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and a Certified Gottman Educator, and loves educating and coaching parents on everything from creating a healthy (and safe!) family media culture to developing healthy eating habits to handling temper tantrums.  In addition to her workshops and presentations, Christy coaches parents one-on-one at The Heartful Parent so that they can parent with more courage, calm, and confidence.  She is passionate about sharing science-based, actionable information with her clients that allows them to parent from the heart in a way that builds more love, joy, and connection in their families.

On a personal note, Christy is "Mom" to two amazing girls, and wife to her best friend and the flat-out coolest guy out there!  Together they enjoy hiking, skiing, family movie night, board games, and spending time in the mountains.


Kim Estes has had the pleasure of working with parents for over 20 years, educating them on various parenting topics. However, her journey into child safety and prevention education happened after a predator’s actions in her community left her feeling unprepared.  She knew that there had to be a solution of how to get great information into the hands of parents without all the scare tactics. Kim is a parent too… and didn’t want to be freaked out any more than you do!  She wanted a practical and simple approach to safety.


In 2006 Kim created a workshop on child safety and began working with parents, helping them gain the confidence they needed to start talking safety with their children. Through non-fearful techniques and easy-to-apply parenting strategies, adults gain the skills needed to make safety a regular part of their conversation. Kim is now a certified prevention educator through the National Security Alliance, the Kid Safe Network, a Darkness 2 Light facilitator, a MERIT trainer with the State of WA and a member of the APSAC.  She completed the Bellevue Citizens Police Academy and was the recipient of the 2007 and 2008 Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (Bronze, Gold and Silver) for outstanding volunteerism.  She is also a 2011 graduate of Leadership Eastside, a three year leadership development program. As a recognized child safety expert, she has appeared on local and national TV and Radio shows, helping to raise awareness on the importance of prevention education.  Kim loves what she does and has had the incredible opportunity to travel around the United States to talk about safety. She has met some amazing people along the way!

Kim is no longer actively involved in Savvy Parents Safe Kids, but her vision is being carried forward each and every day!



Founder, Kim Estes, began the search for a logo for Savvy Parents Safe Kids wanting something meaningful and symbolic of local parenting values that would also reflect the mission of Savvy Parents Safe Kids.

The cottonwood tree has an amazing story; one that aligns perfectly with the mission of Savvy Parents Safe Kids. During the months of May and June, cottonwood trees throughout the great northwest release billions of tiny, snow-like seeds into the air. This trademark “fluff” means more than just a tree sending its seedlings floating many miles away. In particular, cottonwood seedlings cannot survive in the shade of their parents. They need full sun to truly grow into healthy strong trees. A single snowy seed can travel 20 miles on a single breeze.  A newly sprouted cottonwood seedling won’t even pause long enough to grow full-sized leaves until it has a large enough root structure to survive. Instead, it sends down roots, as thin as human hair, searching for water to insure its survival during the dry summer months.

The lesson to be learned from the cottonwood tree is this: As much as we love our children, they need growth, they need independence and they will eventually “grow away” from us. We need to give them the tools to land safely, to grow strong roots and to safely survive in their world. We must encourage and allow our children to thrive in their own sunlight.  That is the true work of parenting.